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Writing With A Heavy Heart: Using Grief and Loss to Stretch Your Fiction

ISBN: 978-1492213390

About This Book


This book explores the stages and outlets of grief and how to implement them into your fiction to create deep, interesting characters and a more engaging plot. Some topics of this book include: grieving before the loss, spiritual matters, and how grief affects different ages, personality types, and genders. Find out how to implement heavy emotional scenes authentically, without crossing over into melodrama. Learn which authors have┬ádone this well, and how they did it. Denise Jaden’s first two YA novels are infused with grieving and loss, and she’ll explain some of the revision process of getting to the depth of her stories.

“Jaden’s Writing With A Heavy Heart is a must-have for any writer’s craft shelf. The combination of clear guidance and practical exercises allow writers to take their manuscripts to a deeper level.” – Eileen Cook Author of Unraveling Isobel and The Almost Truth